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dave says

"STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!! THEY'RE HORRIBLE!! I can't believe we trusted these guys to give us a loan. Their people are so incompetent. They initially gave us a closing date, which we and the sellers planned EVERYTHING around, then due to their screw up (they gave us an appraisal waiver, and then some time later said we DID need one, which wasn't scheduled properly), we didn't close on time. There was a whirlwind of repercussions. The sellers were upset. We were upset. We spent hours on the phone and countless e-mails trying to get them back on track to no avail. Imagine that while trying to work full time and home school a child. Our stress level was off the charts for weeks. Their people are slow to respond and if you're on the west coast, make sure you're not placed with their NYC office. How about trying to call them at 3 in the afternoon, but your team is gone so there's no one to help you? And they wouldn't switch us to a west coast team. They're horrible. It was so bad, we started looking into litigation. Do you yourself a favor and go anywhere else."

Elena says

"I wish I had never completed refinance with them. DO NOT USE THEM FOR CASH OUT REFINANCE OR ANY OTHER REFINANCES. For two months they had never updated our payoff amount to our old mortgage provider. The closing expert Michael Tyre had asked for one, I called them several times to have it updated. In fact in e-mails they assured me that it would be updated, but it never happened I really hope they review my case. We received 2K less, so now we have to figure out how to get that money. The time I spent e-mailing them and calling was futile, no-one was able to help me. I could have gone with Cardinal, or LoanDepot. They gave me the same 15 year rate 2.5% and credited the closing costs. Please do not repeat my mistake. We have excellent credit and could have gone anywhere, if you are in the same boat DO NOT USE THEM."

Karthik Ballakur says

"The efficiency of the marketing team, property appraisal and underwriting was impressive. However, the impressiveness stops there. I had utilized "better mortgage" as well as "better settlement services" for title. The closing was not smooth at all. The closing agent assigned was giving me scripted responses rather than based on my actual case (eg, when I asked how to make payment for the cash to close, got a scripted response that it will depend on my title company. My title company had already been finalized to better settlement services itself and we were awaiting for the final closing disclosure! I would have expected the agent to look at my case and respond based on their own title company's process! A little effort would have helped here.)
For the closing itself, I was provided a set of possible dates based on better mortgage and better settlement's feasibility and I was required to pick the date and time. When I finalized the date and time of closing, was not able to provide me with the closing disclosure till the time of closing! Had to get it rescheduled. Even at that rescheduled time, the notary was given multiple versions of the closing disclosure rather than only the final version adding to confusion.

Finally, the funding for my existing mortgage payoff did not happen on the date that was provided by itself. When contacted, the blame for the delay was pointed to the title company (which again is better settlement service which is a service offered in The title company when contacted responded next day that they received the funding from the lender (better mortgage) a day after the scheduled funding and the funding is in queue and put a disclaimer that they don't have timelines and they are a bit backed up, but will get to it asap. This was a bit stressful as I was not sure if I was supposed to stop my scheduled mortgage payment to my previous mortgage company nor was I sure what will happen if the funding delay is greater than a week as I did not get clarity from the closing agent.

Finally, the funding to my prior mortgage company happened with 3 days of delay.

Now I am charged interest for the same mortgage amount at two different places for those 3 days. Better told they would refund, when I had raised it during the delay of closing. Post that, they did not take any action and I had to follow up on it. Right now, they have not given me any clarity how or when it would be refunded!

Not sure if this is the usual head ache of refinancing at other mortgage companies. One thing for sure, did not make refinancing easy. I see lot of people sharing positive experiences. At least, that was not the case with me nor will I use or recommend to anyone else."

Rick says

"I applied for a loan with them back in May. They said they needed to do an appraisal so they charged me $550. Before the appraisal was completed they told me I wouldn't qualify for a mortgage with them and I would be credit charges. I was only credited $50 and charged $500 for nothing. Company charges money knowing you won't qualify!"

Nathan Reynolds says

"I had a great experience with until I got to the closing team. The day before closing (9a appointment):

1. I call my closing rep asking if I can get a final balance so I know how much to wire as my bank takes time to process this. She says she'll get on it.
2. I call a few hours later after not getting a call back. She still hasn't figured it out.
3. I get a call from my agent at 4:30 letting me know the bank called the title company saying we can't close because of an inconsistency with the title and appraisal (both they have had for more than 10 days).
4. I call my closing rep and ask:
- why was this discovered last minute?
- why was I told by someone who was told by someone else vs the bank?
- when will I have an answer on when this will be processed?
I get no clear answers on any of these questions.

On top of all of this my closing rep never verified my birthdate, last 4 of ssn and property address like every other rep did through the process."

Patrick Dines says

"This company runs an elegant scam. Here's how the scam works. They first look at your credit score (mine was over 800) and tell you that you will have no problem qualifying for a mortgage. After, you must submit a lot of paperwork on a site that does not work. It keeps asking for the same information over and over again. I sent these people my tax returns so they knew exactly the amount I wanted to borrow (which was approved) and they also knew my income from completed tax returns for 2018 and 2019. I had already had an appraisal done on my property which came in at $1 million+. They said however that they could only give me a mortgage if I used their appraiser and paid $550. An appraiser came to my house and spent less than 10 minutes looking around. The first appraisal I had done cost $300 and the appraiser spent over 2 hours making accurate measurements, etc.) Their appraiser appraised my property at $150,000 less than the appraisal I had for a licensed real estate appraiser and over $150,000 less than than the Zillow estimated value. After sending them more documents they finally said that they could not do the mortgage because the income to debt ratio was too low!! But, they knew this before they asked me to pay for an additional useless an inaccurate appraisal. In my opinion, they probably pay the appraiser half of the $550 (or less?) and keep the change. The scam is simple. Convince borrowers to get appraisals, let borrowers waste their time uploading documents on their poorly organized site, then tell the borrow that they can't do the mortgage because of weak excuses. Do not use this company!!!"

Scot says

"Run away from these people. They cannot get their stuff straight at all. First, they mess up the closing date. They did not coordinate with the escrow company and so the notary was not scheduled when requested. Better said they would credit $200 or so for the mishap (they never did). A week after the requested signing date, the Notary herself calls to confirm an appointment (no emails or anything from Better). But the time she was confirming was not what me and my wife could do. The signing would not have happened, if not for the Notary calling back with a rearrangement of her schedule to get us in. Kudos to her. None of that was ever acknowledged by Better or the Escrow Company (Title365).
Then, it takes over a week to start seeing any disbursements being made (should have happened in 4 days). I had to call and email asking where the funding was and why it was taking so long.
Then another week goes by and I notice they have not paid the property tax that they forced to put in the escrow instead of allowing me to pay on my own. I signed the documents on 10/2 and as of 11/3, they still have not paid the property taxes, which were due on 11/1. They are collecting interest on the unpaid bills and putting a property owner in peril of being late on payment and subject to fines and penalties. What kind of a company does that to a customer?
These people are not lifting any fingers to resolve this. No attempt to make a customer happy, only excuses that the Escrow company is not responding. That is no excuse, hired them, they are Better's problem to fix."

Bhanu Jaiswal says

"They have a nice digital platform which was a great experience. However my below average rating can be attributed to just one person who was our mortgage processing expert. She lacked basic training and common sense to be able to listen to and comprehend simple questions and requests. We needed a couple of days adjustment to our closing date but she could not act on that simple request. She kept responding with puzzles and technical jargon and lastly gave us false information which led to lots of hiccups on the day of closing which anyways was delayed. That whole experience with her was extremely frustrating, annoying and stressful. If their processing experts lack such basic training and basic concepts of customer service, I am afraid I am never ever going back to"

Melissa Moss says

"Great rate, only $2300 in closing costs on a $330k loan. Totally dropped the ball in funding my loan. I signed on the 14th, funding didn't happen until the 29th after 4 phone calls and threatening legal action. They just closed my file as complete and didn't make sure the funding happened. If I didn't call I don't think it would have ever gotten done."

Chris H says

"Better provides a very streamlined process with a good user interface. They also provide very competitive rates. One weakness they seem to have is if you need a real human to do something fast, they have some difficulty with that. I had quite a lot of seller's credits and they didn't really confirm (even generally) until days before closing whether I could use all of them, at which point it would have been too late to do something such as purchase points (luckily it all worked out) and my closing was delayed because someone from Better couldn't give the final authorization to release the funds, which was very annoying because we all waited 1.5 hours in the closing conference room twiddling our thumbs until we finally all had to go home empty handed. The authorization (which was a simple email) came late in the PM hours."

Justin V. says

"This should have been a simple refi based off my variables. Instead it was disorganized and at times absurdity at its finest. Their online system worked well though. A refi that should have taken a few weeks took six weeks and that was with me pushing them everyday to get things done. It was a cheap rate but honestly I'd pay more in the future to not have to put up with the constant calamity of a team I was given. I would say it was definitely the people I was given and not the system. I believe their system works well if you get dealt a better hand than I was given to work with. If you choose Better then I would recommend making sure you keep an eye on everything they are doing at all times as they tend to lose track of deliverables while also talking out of both sides of their mouths."

Kiran says

"Not a great experience I was hoping for. Wasted one month and claims that they are waiting for the title documents, when my title company has already provided all the documents. Their processing agent does not even know what documents are coming from the title company what are the documents that the Better is responsible. After a month of frustration I had reached out to the title company directly, and realized they had completed all the documentation on their part, and the documents that Better processing agent says that they are waiting for in fact needed to be generated by Better. Closing was another issue. There was an issue with the closing disclosure, and I have asked to correct the documents which took forever. I had to sign the same documents several times, instructions were not clear. Also not sure why they keep finding documents at several different times/days/instances that are needed to be corrected as a result of the change in the CD. Why cannot they review complete package at once and send all the necessary corrections at once. It is not efficient to keep working on tasks. Funding was delayed too. My closing date was 12/7/2020 but the funds were posted on 12/14/2020 meaning I am paying interests unnecessarily."

RSS says

" replied to my feedback. However they just missed it and underscored their own service issues. As stated below...'we are sorry for your experience ..and you can email us'? Better... you have my contact information you could have called me to get further insights, leadership could have taken this as an opportunity to turn it around instead of hiding behind emails and providing ceremonial replies. Pick up the phone sometimes, talk to people, this may surprise you, every communication is an echo of your brand

Slick website, but does not remove the friction or process, fair rates, good intentions of team members. Not organized, they have too much going on, asked for same things twice, missed paperwork to be signed, underwriter always ask for more than they need, theirs underwriter lack acumen of the industry, it took them work to close a A paper client, with high FICO score and 50% CLTV. You need to be on top of it, first charged for appraisal until I pushed back for good merits, then removed the charge."

Jayne DePaulis says

"I wish this was a better experience . The delay and lack of communication via site was awful. The delay with Better's response time was frustrating. When I needed to ask about documents to upload it took a long time for a clear reply. As a small business owner there was too much back and forth submitting the same documents. I received communications which did not apply to my situation causing much confusion. There must be a simpler way."

Robert Vandeveer says

" personnel were great throughout the process of getting my loan. Their webpage layout and their technique of meting out document requirements is where the company requires some work. A full list of required documents should have been provided up front. I was challenged to pull together documents as they were requested instead of knowing from the very beginning of the loan application process. Also, I live overseas and could not put International numbers in my profile or provide them for employment confirmation. I was told by on of the Loan Processors 3 weeks into the application process that they cannot call overseas numbers... that is unacceptable in 2020. You also cannot free text in some fields when setting up a profile or providing contact information, so either you put in incorrect info to complete a section or you cannot continue. I provided a sizable amount of asset verification (Stocks, mutual funds, multiple properties, and Checking-Savings accounts) and the only thing listed in my Asset profile was a fifth of my actual worth. It did not even list what asset the dollar amount was associated with. I hope that is not the information that was provided to the Underwriter. It could have scuttled the whole month long project to get the loan approved. If not for the responsiveness of the employees to assist and address issues during the loan process, I am certain I would have found a different lender and missed my closing date."

Wesley Marshall says

"Process was really smooth until we were assigned a Closing "Expert". She was very unresponsive, and we ultimately missed our first closing appointment because of two issues that were not addressed/answered in time. A previously undisclosed fee of >$300 was tacked on the night before closing, and my payoff amount was not updated properly, so I ended up owing an amount at closing that was higher than the amount for which they would accept a personal check.

We ultimately closed for about $500 more than expected due to these issues, and we didn't receive the final documents until 90 minutes before our 7PM (second) closing appointment, which started late because of the late receipt. I still went through with it because it would have cost me more to start from scratch.

Doublecheck all of the numbers they send you, and tell them you won't sign until at least 24 hours after you receive the closing documents."

Joseph says

"While I did like the overall experience of doing everything online, the price change on points after I locked in the rate left a bad taste in my mouth. If felt like a bait and switch."

Denise M says

"The lender pro was not helpful. Most of the work and explanations were with the processor. The underwriter was not sure how to figure out dti. Apparently, Better uses the digital underwriting. That would be fine for your everyday borrower, but if you are retired and/or your income is from your hard earned assets/retirement funds don't expect anyone to use any commonsense. FNMA & Freddie Mac are the major purchasers and the lender and underwriter should be ready to make exceptions or clearly understand the underwriting guidelines."

Shane Smith says

"Tough to get questions answered or contact once the rate is locked. Did like the e sign and loan estimate feature. Not the most transparent about appraisal refund. I was told not to make my mortgage payment on the 1st of Oct during my refi because it was close to the end of the month of September and I was told that Better Mortgage would payoff the loan on that day but they ended up not paying the old loan off until the 2nd which ended up costing me a $50 late fee. Just wished they would have paid the loan off on time."

HM says

"Better matched my rate and the website was straight forward and easy to use. But you should be aware that after you lock in your rate there is almost no human contact or ability to get questions easily answered."

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